Seven Signs You Might Be Boho

How Do You Know If You’re Boho?

  • Your favorite colors are paisley, tie-dye, floral, tribal, and BRIGHT
  • For you, hippie style and sack-wear are interchangeable
  • You have “bedhead”, and it’s not limited to when you get up in the morning
  • You don’t own anything that’s not beaded, sequined, embroidered, or embellished
  • The only shoes you own are short boots, gladiator sandals, and flip-flops
  • Your wardrobe consists mostly of maxi dresses or caftans, fun hats, feather & turquoise jewelry
  • You describe yourself as a grown-up love child

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Available Scents

Summer of Love -vanilla, patchouli, lemon, sage, geranium
Lemon Zinger a blend of peppermint and lemon
Warm Earth – vanilla, lemon, rosemary, patchouli
Lavender Bliss – lavender, neroli
Sandalwood Passion- sandalwood, sweet orange, rose
Incense Intense – patchouli, sandalwood, rose, frankincense
Fantasy – patchouli, geranium, lavender, frankincense
Peace, Baby – patchouli, lemongrass, sweet orange*
Zen Moments- ylang ylang, clary sage, lavender
Orange Crush- vanilla, sweet orange
Ylang Ylang- ylang ylang (the ‘ flower of flowers’)
Neroli – neroli (orange blossom)

Custom blends are gladly prepared!

Deborah Bagoy

Certified in Aromatherapy, and an Artist

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