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Pillow Talk Restful Sleep & Stress Relief Kit
Pillow Talk Restful Sleep & Stress Relief Kit

Pillow Talk Restful Sleep & Stress Relief Kit

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Tossing and turning at night like a tired toddler?

Sick of counting sheep by the mile?

Having a hard-time de-stressing after a day in the corporate office?

Refresh Yourself with Pillow Talk.

This lavender blend will help you calm your mind, refresh your brain and sleep more deeply, so you'll wake up feeling like a new person.

Just be careful - our clients have warned of a decrease in giving a crap and an increase in snoring due to deeper sleep!

Now you can rest easy at night (and not just because of our proprietary sleep blend), but because you know Pillow Talk is:

  • 100% Cruelty-Free: No animal products
  • 100% Natural: No chemicals, dyes - just essential & fragrance oil blends and natural carriers
  • 100% Effective: All Wild Woman products are is GUARANTEED - or it's free!

Kit Includes: 

Lavender Mist - Bottle

A 4-oz bottle is a 2-month supply of sweet nightly sleep Love Lavender and want to spray your house with our amazing blend? You might wanna grab two.

Roll-On Stress Relief -  Roller

1/3 oz of stress relief in a roll-on bottle. Dab a little on your wrists, neck, or pulse points for round the clock relaxation and stress relief. Keep this one in your purse for post-meeting rage relief (we've been there)

Lavender Cream - Jar

4 oz of luxurious bliss. This Shea butter blend will not only get you snoozing faster, but will add a healthy glow to your skin and a smile to your face.