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Cool-It Hot Flash Relief Kit
Cool-It Hot Flash Relief Kit

Cool-It Hot Flash Relief Kit

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Tempted to strip off your clothes at work every hour?

Feel like you're burning up (but not in a good way)?

Tired of waking up soaking wet with sweat?

Ready to punch the next man who asks why you're blushing?

Have no fear - our aromatherapy is here! 

Our cooling plant based products are all handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona by certified Aromatherapist Deb Bagoy, shipped directly (and discretely) to your door. 

You're a super cool lady, let's get you some super-cool relief.

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Get up to two months of day & night hot flash relief with our gift set. Your set includes:

The ORIGINAL Cool-It Mist - Bottle

A 4-oz bottle is a 2-month supply of daily hot flash relief. Got a particularly bitchy set of hormones, or love to smell summer fresh and light? You might wanna grab two.  Suggested use: mist yourself often as needed around the chest area, back of neck, wrist pulse points. Added benefit: SMELLS so Fresh & Uplifting!

Discreet Roll-On Relief - Roller Bottle

1/3 oz of discreet hot flash relief in a roll-on bottle. Dab a little on your wrists, your neck, your décolletage, even your (ahem) thighs if you need to. We are a judgement free company.

Nighttime Cooling Cream - Jar 

4 oz of dreamlike splendor to end your night sweats. This Shea butter blend will not only keep you snoozing longer, but will bring back some of the shine to skin (that only estrogen can steal). Suggested use: rub into chest area, back of neck, wrist pulse points.

This 100% natural Hot Flash Relief package contains:

  • No Dyes
  • No Chemicals
  • No Sulphates

Fair Trade Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil are the only additions to our Body Cream, and Sweet Almond Oil is the only addition to the Roll on.

And we are a cruelty-free company! Out products never contain animal products or anything tested on animals - EVER.